The Baton Rouge rapper has been openly supportive of the comedian but has been heated about the lack of support for his film and people bootlegging the product on YouTube and other free streaming platforms.

Bill Cosby has chimed in on Kelly's explosive case by saying the Chicago native was "railroaded" in his case and Twitter has some thoughts.

Cosby was sentenced in 2018 of sexual assault and sentenced to serve three to 10 years behind bars.


Once lovingly referred to as “America’s Dad” due to the massive success of his hit family sitcom The Cosby Show, fallen actor Bill Cosby has spent the last three years in prison following a 2018 conviction for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. || RELATED: Pennsylvania Court Seems Open To Bill Cosby’s Appeal […]

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Bill Cosby is currently serving three to 10 years  for sexually assaulting a woman. Nevertheless, the disgraced comedian figured he'd recognize the supporters he is thankful for, starting with rapper Boosie.

The disgraced entertainer received both criticism and sympathy after a recent prison photo was shared publicly.

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Bill Cosby is getting an appeal. Today, Pennsylvania's Supreme Court announced the disgraced comedian will get to challenge part of his 2018 sexual assault conviction.

Bill Cosby is firmly behind bars serving a 10-year sentence for sexual assault, which means, of course, his spokesperson thinks it’s time to show support for convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein. In a new statement, the spokesperson blasted the court’s decision to convict the powerful film producer. Andrew Wyatt, playing on the sympathies of those who […]

We haven’t even reached March yet and already 2020 is a big mess…and of course, all the hoopla just HAD to go down in Black History Month. This week was no different considering Bill Cosby, of ALL people, shouted out Snoop Dogg for saying “Free Bill Cosby” on Instagram. The whole ordeal started when Gayle […]

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Eddie Murphy made a successful return to Saturday Night Live this weekend, and his opening monologue featured a jab at jailed and disgraced comedian Bill Cosby. A spokesman for the felon went as far as calling Murphy a “Hollywood Slave.” In case you forgot, Cosby is currently serving three to 10 years in bing after […]

Bill Cosby is serving time behind bars in relation to the sexual misconduct scandal that wrecked his legacy and career in one epic swoop. However, if anyone thinks that the comedian and entertainer will be apologizing, they’d be sadly mistaken. Cosby spoke exclusively with the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s, sharing that he’s using his […]

Ever since hat first accuser came forward, I gotta admit, I’ve been looking at old Heathcliff Huxtable a little different. I mean, who hasn’t? Check out this story from CNN that details how Bill Cosby has been enjoying his ‘experience’ behind bars. VIA | CNN (CNN)Despite the circumstances, Bill Cosby said his time in prison is an […]