Azealia Banks

Once again, Azealia found herself in an epic Twitter battle with not one, but three different celebrities.

New Girl star Zoeey Deschanel hit Conan earlier this week and talked about that time Prince was on her hit series.

14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson (you may know her as the poised young lady seen around Instagram in one of this year’s most circulated memes) came to the defense of her Disney co-star and got rapper/ Twitter troll Azealia Banks all the way together! The Twitterverse was on fire last night. Between Nicki Minaj clapping […]

If you know who Azealia Banks is, you know that she’s infamous for outrageous behavior (including Twitter rants). Last night Azealia Banks tweeted racial slurs to ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik. 14-year-old Shai Jackson offered some of her own commentary and tweeted this to Banks: You might recognize Shai Jackson as this famous internet meme that’s been […]

In yet another Twitter rant, rapper Azealia Banks accuses Beyoncé of exploiting black women's suffering for her own personal gain

After deleting her Twitter, Azealia Banks returns to the social media platform to drop her new mixtape Slay-Z.

The quest to be as fly as Prince may soon be an accomplishable goal

Hip-hop's most boisterous woman Azealia Banks is back at it.