Wow, can you believe it’s been four whole years since Antoine Dodson let the news know that there was an intruder coming up in Lincoln…

Antoine Dodson is back in the limelight. After finding internet fame for fighting a home intruder…. (wait for it) he’s about to fight the alleged home intruder!!! In this “press conference” Antoine looses his cool and throws a punch. Anyone who follows me knows I am a boxing fan. I also box in my spare […]

According to TMZ, the guy who made the phrase “Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, hide ya husbands … cause they rapin’ everybody out here.”…


Before we get to the video, depression is a serious mental illness and anyone that feels any symptoms of depression should seek medical help.  Here is some information about depression below from Major depression is a mood state that goes well beyond temporarily feeling sad or blue. It is a serious medical illness that […]

  Will Antoine Dodson get his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame before Kim Kardashain? Internet sensation Antoine Dodson is not “really dumb” in fact this genius earned a spot on a Tyler Perry production. WHAT?!?! No joke! Dodson will be apart of Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas, which comes out December 13. has further […]

Antoine Dodson, best known for his viral news interview about a bedroom intruder in 2010, is set to be a first-time father. Yes, you read…

One of YouTube’s most famous celebrity alum is extending his 15 minutes once more after announcing he is leaving the homosexual community for his faith. See Also: Antoine Dodson Drops New Single “Lovesick Lullaby” According to TMZ, Antoine Dodson posted to Facebook that he is renouncing his gay orientation because “I want a wife and family, […]

New Music

Hide your  kids, hide your wife! Antoine Dodson, who became an overnight sensation from the now infamous YouTube clip, is using his fame to launch his musical career.  Dodson teams up with artist Brent Morgan for a track titled “Lovesick Lullaby.”  Even though Dodson’s vocals seem to be assisted by Autotune, the song seems pretty […]

I’m sure you all remember Antoine Dodson right? If not, let me refresh your memory; he’s the eyewitness to a sexual assault crime on his sister in Huntsville, Alabama who turned into an Internet sensation when he warned people on a local news cast to “hide ya kids, hide ya wives and hide ya husbands […]


Internet Stars Uniting To Make Movie Producer Andrew Fischer is filming a comedy entitled, The Chronicles of Rick Roll and has enlisted a peculiar cast comprised of Internet stars. Antoine Dodson, famous for his “Bed Intruder Song” leads the band of misfits slated to appear in the movie. In what Fischer calls an epic comedy, […]

Antoine Dodson is coming to reality show near you. TMZ has learned … the guy who famously battled a bedroom intruder is shooting a pilot for a reality show produced by Entertainment One. Dodson’s warning to a would-be-rapist earned him Internet fame, and he’s been on a roll ever since!! Antoine Dodson is a former […]

Antoine Dodson is movin’ on up! Well, almost…