Ever since Drake hit the music scene back in 2009, he’s had the reputation of being a ladies man- but now his body speaks for him before he even gets a chance to lyrically woo the women. The Back To Back rapper has been linked to everyone from Rihanna to Serena Williams, and we can’t blame the ladies for […]

I love eating healthy… for the most part. I enjoy fish, grilled chicken and vegetables. I’m not too big on sweets but my weakness is: CARBS! The french toast, the warm garlic knots, the Hawaiian rolls! Jesus, be a piece of garlic bread! LOL But I’m making it a vow to slooooow down on the […]

I can’t seem to stop whipping my workout towel around my head at the gym. In case you’re suffering from the same “fitness club v.…

If doing triple digit crunches everyday in hopes of achieving abs of steel is your go-to core workout, I suggest you change things up, like…

Wondering what Evelyn Lozada is up to when she is not filming Vh1’s “Basketball Wives” or glowing from her second pregnancy? She’s sweating. With YouTube…

Today marks the kickoff of #GetFitFridays with @JJOnTheMic and personal trainer @Antanique. Get ready to do some upper body workouts along with abs and working that core! WATCH the first episode here: RELATED: Our Motivation! Kelly Rowland Flaunts Her Abs Of Steal For Shape RELATED: Hula Hoop Your Way To Improved Physical & Mental Health RELATED: JJ’s Blog: […]

Ladies, get rid of that pooch! Want to tighten up that mid-section and rid of that unsightly flap over your pants? Read Here  

via: heartandsoul.com A wise man once said: It is not that you are what you eat; you are what you don’t poop out. A little crude, but true. Step away from the laxatives. Heart & Soul contributor Jocelyn Gordon’s video, Digestive Health: Hooping for Pooping, shows how a targeted and fun hula-hoop “flow,” or workout, supports […]


Need to burn some belly fat? Try this simple 5 min workout. Get ready for NYE! Follow us on Twitter @979thebox @kiotti

Want to work on those lower abs??? Here’s some help for your weekend workouts. Remember anything worth having is worth working for. See your fitness goals, now go achieve it!