Remember the old Johnny Kilroy Jordan commercials from the 90s? For those of us that do, as well as the purest of sneaker purists, Jordan Brand is re-releasing the Jordan IXs in homage to the Johnny Kilroy character. For the full scoop, click here.

You were a smiley student Adults with the biggest grins in their college yearbook pictures were up to 5 times less likely to be divorced decades later than those who looked less happy, according to a new DePauw University study. A smiler’s positive disposition may attract other happy people or rub off on a spouse. […]

Krackernuttz Big 5 at 9   1. Party Boyz – Flex   2. Chalie Boy – I Look Good   3. Drake – Successful   4. Gucci Mane- Wasted   5. Cash- Walk With A Dip