More than $100,000 in cash was found inside an old television that was being processed at a recycling plant in Barrie, Ont., and police say the money was a man’s lost inheritance. The shocking discovery was made in January by an employee, who uncovered a cash box inside the TV as it was dismantled. The […]

(HOUSTON) — In a show of Tiger pride, former NFL star and Texas Southern University alumnus Michael Strahan pledged to donate $100,000 to TSU‘s marching band, “The Ocean of Soul.” He made…

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In a finding that some will call fair, some will call too little and other’s will swear is excessive, a judge in the case of…

Celina Aarons has her two deaf-mute brothers on her plan. They text and watch videos on their phones.  Normally, her bill is about $175. Her brothers sent over 2,000 texts and downloaded videos, sometimes racking up $2,000.00 in data charges, when they spent two weeks in Canada.  Aarons data plan which is usually ok should’ve […]

11-year-old Nate Smith made an incredible hockey shot to win a $50,000 prize at a celebrity fundraiser hockey game in Faribult, Minn., on Thursday. But wait … the person who was supposed to take the shot was Nate’s identical twin brother, Nick, who won a raffle to earn the attempt. But when it came time […]


All it took was three hours, some crafty reconnaissance, and a broken tail light for narcotics officers to nab $523,000 in alleged dope money lazily stashed in the cab of a flatbed trailer truck. The bust in Fort Bend County this week was one of the biggest cash seizures in the area in recent years […]