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Every now and again a new internet craze takes place. Last week,the Kermit the Frog meme was all over Twitter and Instagram. This week, a fictitious person named DaQuan is now this weeks fancy trending.

You might be offended. You might think it’s funny. But it comes down to distraught white families (mothers, fathers, husbands, lovers) hurt by their love one being caught up by a rascal named DaQuan.

By the lines like trap, brick & yayo…many might assume that this DaQuan is black.

We’ll see how long this meme craze lasts.

Check out some of DaQuan’s memes.

1. daquan-tweet-1

2. daquan-tweet-2

3. daquan-tweet-3

4. daquan-tweet-4

5. daquan-tweet-5

6. daquan-tweet-6

7. daquan-tweet-7

8. daquan-tweet-8

9. daquan-tweet-9

10. daquan-tweet-10

11. daquan-tweet-11

12. daquan-tweet-12

13. daquan-tweet-13

14. daquan-tweet-14

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