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Ladies, I understand you’re being a little untruthful on your favorite social mediums.
A pie company in the U.K., Pukka Pies, asked its’ fans to tell them what you ladies lie about the most on Facebook.

I know what you’re thinking, men lie online too. True, but we’re talking about the ladies right now.

The survey says about one-third of you put a little spin on your Facebook page. I imagine if you lie on Facebook, you probably lie on Twitter, Instagram and for good measure…I put Myspace in the mix.

Now, If it makes you look great, it stays. If it’s not so flattering, delete.

So, the good folks of Pukka Pie came up with a top seven list of the most common lies that the ladies might use.

1. Photoshopping

You photoshop. YOU know you don’t REALLY look like that!

2. Exaggerating your career success

C’mon mayne!!! You know you ain’t doing all that!!

3. Exciting social nights

You ain’t always on the scene…sometimes you’re on the couch eating potato chips!!

4. Pix of your adorable kid

So your kid is always this adorable? Sure!!

5. Using old photos that look better

I ain’t mad. If you looked better ten years ago…post it up!!

6. Untagging yourself in photos that don’t look perfect

So, one of your friends put up that messed up picture when you were drunk and using the bathroom in the street!!! Untag!

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