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Ladies, are you feeling distant from your man? Is he acting stand off-ish and you cannot seem to understand why? Does he busy himself with activities that exclude you? Does it seem like he does not even acknowledge you anymore when you try to spruce things up in the bedroom?

Well, do not beat up on yourselves, he may actually be on the down low. WHAT! No, never! Yes, it could be true!

The controversial, vulgar-mouthed Joseline Hernandez of Love and Hip Hop seems to think her former manager, and boy toy Stevie J may be on the low low, and is not hesistant with sharing her feelings about it.

Our good friends at share tips on how to identify if your man is creeping with another man on the low!

1. He spends an extreme amount of time with his male friends

Smiley homosexual couple taking selfie with smart phone in street Source:Getty

2. His sexual appetite has decreased extremely

Problems in The Bedroom Source:Getty

3. He’s really homophobic to the point in which he refuses to be around gay men

African businessman cowering with hands up Source:Getty

4. He has “overly feminine” gestures.

man holding coffee cup looking out window Source:Getty

5. He really enjoys giving and/or receiving anal sex

Gay couple drinking wine in kitchen and taking self-portraits Source:Getty

6. He has been imprisoned for long stretches of time

Handcuffed Prisoner Source:Getty

7. He has multiple email addresses and phone numbers

business man portrait in nyc sending sms Source:Getty
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