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“Pimp My Ride” – The Best Of The Worst  was originally published on

1. A comic book toaster in the glove box with $4,000 attached. They also made the trunk look like The Thing from “Fantastic Four” and put 4 TVs in it.

2. They even put an table version of Ms. Pac Man with a desktop computer complete with printer in a 1986 Toyota Van LE. If that wasn’t enough, they put a TV in the trunk for Vivian’s dog.

3. When you trick out a 1996 Subaru Impreza, nothing says swag like a secret compartment in the trunk for paint ball rifles with a button to reveal the trap door.

4. David was driving around in a 1972 Ford Econoline. After it was pimped out, it had a boxing speed bag, a 42-inch TV, and a dog salon in the back. Because those things go together like white on rice.

5. Since the owner of this Nissan 240SX ’89 was a gamer, Xzibit and the gang decided to put 3 XBox game consoles in the car, because they thought he had a lot of friends.

6. West Coast Customs hooked up Esmerelda’s 1991 Pontiac Sunbird with binoculars for almost no reason and then topped it off by putting a snow cone machine in the trunk.

7. Not only did they put 9 useless TV on the inside roof of John’s 1968 Mercury Cougar, they pretty much put a drive-in theater in his trunk – equipped with a 30 foot movie screen.

8. Nothing says excess like putting a tent and a bed of speakers inside of a Chevrolet ‘Luv’ Truck ’74.

9. Just in case Tom accidentally drove his 1996 pimped out Chevy Caprice Cop Car on Mars, they put an oxygen bar in a car that also had its own skate park.