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NFL Postseason Power Rankings: A Look At All 32 Teams

Alrighty guys, you know it’s time for this week’s weekly power rankings. I’m tossing in a question for each team, whether they be a playoff team or not.

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Let’s jump into our NFL Postseason Power Rankings: A Look At All 32 Teams below!

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1. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Source:n/a

It’s all about Lamar Jackson. He’s 1-3 in the playoffs but will this year be different?

2. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Source:n/a

Should we really be surprised that Mike McCarthy is not only the coach of the hottest team in football but also on the hot seat as we enter the playoffs?

3. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Source:n/a

Is Brock Purdy good enough to lead the Niners to the Super Bowl?

4. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills Source:n/a

Why is Stefon Diggs no longer a big part of the Bills offense? Diggs hasn’t hit the 100-yard receiving mark since October 15.

5. Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions Source:n/a

Isn’t Matthew Stafford coming back “home” to play in Detroit the worse thing possible for the Lions?

6. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Source:n/a

Is Joe Flacco REALLY going to make a magical run in Cleveland? I do think they beat the Texans this weekend.

7. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Source:n/a

If the Chiefs fizzle in the playoffs what will that mean for their offseason?

8. Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams Source:n/a

Are the Rams getting the credit they deserve this season? They’ve won 7 of 8 with the only loss being 37-31 in Baltimore.

9. Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Source:n/a

Are the Dolphins the team you trust the least going into the weekend?

10. Houston Texans

Houston Texans Source:n/a

I think the question around Houston is if the Texans are “content” with just making the playoffs? My gut says no. I think the Browns win but I expect a good showing from Stroud and company this weekend.

11. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers Source:n/a

Let’s be honest…did you know Jordan Love has 20 TD and just 3 INT in the last 9 games? I didn’t.

12. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Source:n/a

This one is easy…are the Eagles simply finished? Will Siranni enter next season on the hot seat?

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Source:n/a

What’s the over/under on the amount of snaps you saw between Tampa Bay/Carolina this past weekend?

14. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Source:n/a

The Steelers are the worst team in the playoffs, aren’t they?

15. New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Source:n/a

Should Dennis Allen keep his job after the Jameis Winston fiasco? Hell, should Winston be back as well?

16. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Source:n/a

Do Seahawks fans still want 72-year-old Pete Carroll to be their head coach? (25-26 last 3 seasons)

17. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals Source:n/a

Are Bengals fans bummed? They went from Super Bowl hopeful to out of the playoffs and watching Jake Browning. The flip side is how they stayed in it until the end despite all their injuries. 

18. Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Source:n/a

Will DC Gus Bradley be back and how much can you trust Anthony Richardson’s injury history? Those are just a few pressing questions for the Colts this offseason. 

19. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars Source:n/a

The Jaguars are obviously the biggest frauds this season. And I wonder if Trevor Lawrence is a top 10 QB?

20. Las Vegas Radiers

Las Vegas Radiers Source:n/a

Will players and fans revolt if Antonio Pierce doesn’t get the head coaching position? 

21. Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Source:n/a

Why would the Bears keep Justin Fields? Seriously, go draft Caleb Williams!

22. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos Source:n/a

Who will be the QB for Denver next season? It won’t be Russ or Stidham, that’s for sure.

23. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Source:n/a

Do Vikings fans want Kirk Cousins back if he’s on a hometown discount? Or would you prefer going young and starting over at that position?

24. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Source:n/a

Will the Falcons once again be the forgotten team this offseason?

25. New York Jets

New York Jets Source:n/a

Is there anything more ironic than Aaron Rodgers scolding Jets players/coaches to cut out the distractions and “BS” while peddling his nonsense on TV each week?

26. New York Giants

New York Giants Source:n/a

What direction are the Giants going in? Certainly they can’t bring back Daniel Jones as their starting QB, right?

27. Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans Source:n/a

Who will coach the Titans next season? 

28. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Source:n/a

Did the Cardinals make the right decision announcing they’re “all in” with Kyler Murray at QB? I say yes.

29. Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers Source:n/a

Is this the best fit for Jim Harbaugh?

30. New England Patriots

New England Patriots Source:n/a

Do Patriots fans want Belichick back if a fresh, new GM is hired?

31. Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders Source:n/a

Does it really matter who they hire? We’ve been down this road plenty of times with this organization. It’s hard to believe they’ll get it right.

32. Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Source:n/a

How do other potential head coaches view this job?