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Missy Elliott has been a force in music and entertainment for nearly 30 years. She has written, produced and created timeless albums for herself and countless artists from the late, great Aaliyah, R&B girl group 702, and SWV. Missy Elliott has continued to be a pioneer in music and she was recently celebrated for her gifts after being inducted into The Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia. Her legacy is filled with iconic songs and groundbreaking visuals that will be remembered for generations to come.

Currently, Elliott has remained a motivating source with her established online presence. In more recent years, Missy has gotten extremely active on her personal Twitter account often sharing some of the most encouraging messages to fans and aspiring artists and producers. She also shares memories from her journey and fun facts for the world to discover.

In celebration of 50 years for the inventive and talented artist and producer, we have created a list of Missy the motivator’s most inspiring and affirmative tweets. Be sure to follow her on social media, so you never miss another Missy gem.

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1. Just Hold On


They can TRY to count you out, but Missy says just hold on. 

2. Shake That Load Off


There is no use in questioning why you were wronged. Instead, Elliott suggests you be happy that this news has been revealed to you so that you can focus on yourself! 

3. Follow Your Intuition


Pay attention to your instincts in business and your personal affairs. Say that! 

4. No Path Is The Same


The singer/songwriter says that no one’s journey is the same. Don’t look to your left or right. Just continue believing in the destination right in front of you. 

5. Learn Who Deserves Your Time


Such a Cancer woman. Missy often talks about deciphering who deserves your time, because the singer is evidently so giving. She offers a very simple word of advice: Surround yourself with those who uplift you! 

6. COMPLETE That Project


Only you understand your vision! Get it done. 

7. Push It


Missy has been contributing to the dance community since the beginning of her career in the early 90s. Her continuous hard work and dedication to the craft has pushed young dancers to lean into their talents, and she is following these dancers along their journeys. They have no choice but to win! 

8. Protect Your Energy


Once again, don’t be afraid of losing relationships along the way. Missy says to be sure you let it go and guard your space. 

9. From Trials To Blessings


Missy was reminded of her testimony as she was honored into the Black Walk of Fame. “Sometimes you go through trials to get to the blessings.” 

10. Speak It Into Existence


Missy shares her best manifestation practices. She envisioned herself accepting awards in front of her baby dolls as a child. She literally manifested working with icons Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston. Speak it! 

11. Being An Innovator


Missy says forget the naysayers! If you have a vision over your life, create it. Missy Elliott changed the game with her wildly creative music videos. Fans of her music are still inspired by her visual innovation. 

12. You Must Make Change


In order to be rewarded, you must make change. Missy offers more advice on leveling up for your future and shedding the past. Listen to Missy! She’s stayed humble and continues to reap the benefits of her kindness, generosity and diligence.

Happy Birthday, Missy!