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DaBaby was the talk of the town Saturday night after nude images allegedly featuring the rapper’s, ahem, “situation” went viral and inspired mountains of thirst. Now, an adult performer says that the image of the pipe that had Thirsty Twitter going crazy is actually his thus ruining a lot of fantasies on Sunday.

DaBaby, one of Hip-Hop’s most popular stars and a budding sex symbol even before the alleged leak, hasn’t chimed up about the fervor around his member. However, adult performer Jack The Rippher posted images and a photo of his flesh sword to quell all chatter and thirst going in the direction of the North Carolina rapper.

In the midst of a trending topic #DaBabyMeat popping off on Twitter, Jack The Rippher felt the need to set the record straight with all the receipts and now all that bamboozled thirst runoff is heading his way and it appears he’s welcoming the newfound attention to his page considering how much he’s been retweeting the lust and love.

It’s been a wild week in the world of shlongs, this after an alleged sex tape featuring A$AP Rocky delivering the work to a white woman on a smartphone camera and alleged images of Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry letting the hammer ring off via a series of photos. Curry and DaBaby have been mum on all the chatter about their private parts but A$AP Rocky actually made recent comments that invited a tidal wave of clowning as expected.

We’ve rounded up some of the responses to Jack The Rippher coming out as the real meat wielder of the alleged DaBaby photo. Check them out below.

A WARNING: if you do decide to hit up Jack The Rippher’s page, you will be met with nudity.

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