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A new study reveals the most fashionable celebrities of the year. Celebrated fashion icons like Zendaya, who won the 2021 CFDA Fashion Icon Award, and unthinkable fashionista Britney Spears are praised in the list’s Top 15. Check out this fascinating 2022 fashion icons list inside.

The study, conducted by frugal living experts at, examined Google search data to analyze the past year of Google searches across America for various search terms associated with fashion and style for over 100 of the most fashionable celebrities worldwide. With the collected data, these search terms were combined to give each celebrity a total score to discover the most fashionable women of 2022.

No one is surprised that research suggests Zendaya is the most fashionable female celebrity this year. Just a year ago, the “Euphoria” star was crowned the CFDA Fashion Icon. Americans search for terms associated with her fashion choices a total average of 21,760 times per month. More specifically, Americans search for ‘Zendaya red carpet’ an average of 6,900 times a month, higher than any other celebrity, and ‘Zendaya dress’ 4,300 times per month.


CFDA Awards 2021

Source: WWD / Getty

Amongst the list, Ariana Grande comes in at the second most fashionable celebrity of 2022. The famed singer and actress narrowly misses out on the top spot. The term ‘Ariana Grande outfits,’ which is searched a whopping average of 12,000 times per month in America, is searched 21,610 times a month.

Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga follow the most fashionable in the Top 5 list. It’s the latter part of the list that we find most shocking. The late Princess Diana ranks at No. 9 on the list. We can thoughtfully conclude that Queen Elizabeth’s death and Netflix’s “The Crown” series contributed to her influence. Also, the beloved Mrs. Diana happened to throwing many fits.

Now, Britney Spears is our girl, but we didn’t realize fans were headed to Google for “Britney’s Fashions.” According to the research, the famous singer landed at number 15 on the list.

Celebrity Sightings - Bauer-Griffin - 2005

Source: Bauer-Griffin / Getty

A spokesperson for commented on the findings saying, “Whether attending a red carpet event or out and about around town, celebrities are always our main source for style inspiration, and this study offers an interesting insight into the women who have been the biggest trendsetters of 2022.”

 The list is interesting, and evidently so is America. Comment who you believe the best dressed celebrity was this year.

Here’s a gallery of the Top 15 2022 Fashion Icons:

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1. Zendaya


It was hard to choose just one. Zendaya leads at a total average of 21,760 times per month.

2. Ariana Grande

Source:Ariana Grande

Wonderful vocals, but who knew she was a fashion guru? The talented entertainer ranks at No. 2, coming close to the No. 1 spot with a total average of 21,610 times per month.

3. Billie Eilish

Source:Billie Eilish

The popular singer places as the third most fashionable celebrity of 2022. Known for her baggy clothing and individualistic style, the singer receives an average of 21,560 monthly searches for terms related to her style.

4. Kim Kardashian

Source:Kim Kardashian

We know the girls love Kim. She slays at No. 4 on the list with 19,600 monthly searches. 

5. Lady Gaga

Source:Lady Gaga

Our forever favorite fashion icon. Honestly, Lady Gaga should be higher up on this list. She reaches the No. 5 spot with 18,600 monthly searches. 

6. Olivia Rodrigo

Source:Oliva Rodrigo

A Gen-Z favorite. The famed artist and actress ranks at No. 6 with 17,760 monthly searches. 

7. Kendall Jenner

Source:Kendall Jenner

Kendall is literally paid to throw fits. The model places at No. 7 on the list with 17,350 monthly searches. 

8. Kate Middleton

Source:Kate Middleton of Wales

We guess? This is an interesting No. 8, but the Princess of Wales apparently gets her royal fits off. Middleton racked in 14,300 monthly searches this year. 

9. Princess Diana


Don’t play with her. Princess Diana is still inspiring generations long after she is gone. The No. 9 spot goes to an undeniable fashion queen at 14,160 monthly searches. 

10. Bella Hadid

Source:Bella Hadid

The girls do love a Hadid. She places at No. 10 on the list for her fashion choices. Bella received 12,550 searches per month.

11. Audrey Hepburn


Another one who’s influence rings true for generations to come. The girls are still searching Audrey Hepburn for fashion inspo. She comes in at 12,150 searches a month.

12. Rihanna


Be for real. The woman was pregnant most of the year and still gave the world look after look. We could argue that she should be higher on this list as well, but we digress. Rihanna comes in at No. 12 with 11,960 monthly searches. 

13. Doja Cat

Source:Doja Cat

A surprisingly low ranking for the style specialist that is Doja Cat. She ranks at No. 13 with 11,810 searches per month.

14. Lizzo


Shout out to Lizzo, because she’s had a fantastic 2022 fits and all. The beautiful entertainer lands at No. 14 on the list with 11,540 monthly searches. 

15. Britney Spears

Source:Britney Spears

We guess some things never change? It’s forever Britney B*TCH! The pop princess ranked at No. 15 with 11,120 monthly searches.