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Drunk In Love: Valentine’s Day Cocktails For You & Yours  was originally published on

1. Warm & Fuzzy Feelings

Warm & Fuzzy Feelings

2. GODIVA Chocolate Martini

GODIVA Chocolate Martini

3. Hot Chocolate Love Affair

Hot Chocolate Love Affair

4. Romance-Rita


5. Cupid’s Potion

Cupid’s Potion

6. Peppermint Martini

Peppermint Martini

7. Spring Breeze Cocktail

Spring Breeze Cocktail

8. Winter Cosmo

Winter Cosmo

9. Dark Icy Heart

Dark Icy Heart

10. Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach Cosmo

Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach Cosmo

11. Devil’s Spiked Tea

Devil’s Spiked Tea

12. Cascade Ice Love Potion Pizzazz

Cascade Ice Love Potion Pizzazz

13. Cascade Ice Blushing Sparkler

Cascade Ice Blushing Sparkler

14. Pomegranate Kiss

Pomegranate Kiss

15. Valentine’s Night Romance

Valentine’s Night Romance

16. french75hires


17. Camus Passion

Camus Passion

18. Karamel Kiss

Karamel Kiss

19. Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow

20. Love, Laphroaig®

Love, Laphroaig®

21. Laphroaig® The Perfect Gentleman

Laphroaig® The Perfect Gentleman

22. A Hopeless Romantic

A Hopeless Romantic

23. A Buzzin’ Roses

A Buzzin’ Roses