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Boosie done did it again. In an utterly transphobic rant, the Baton Rouge rapper spoke on his thoughts about Dwyane Wade’s support of his trans daughter, Zaya.

As for Boosie, he couldn’t get over the concept of the 12-year-old cutting his penis off. This is where we must point out that no such claim or idea of this sort of action (a sex change operation) has ever been presented to the public by the Wade family. At all.

Nevertheless, according to the rapper, Zaya is too young to be making such choices about her sexuality.

“Like bruh, for real, if he going to be gay let him be gay,” said an exasperated Boosie while at the gym. “But don’t cut his dick off. Don’t address him as a woman dawg. He’s 12 years old. He’s not up there yet.

Twitter is going hamburger with the ashy folk who agree, and the more enlightened pointing out the fallacy of Boosie’s argument. See what we did there?

Check out the reactions below.

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1. Boosie really does have eight kids, tho…

2. We’re guessing he saw a lot…

3. Where is the lie?

4. Definitely awkward.

5. Hey man, ramen has nothing to do with this.

6. Cancellation on deck or nah?

7. This, is, twitter.