@jjonthemic interviewed Dr. Tisha Rowe aka @theabdoctor and had a chance to learn some pretty cool stuff. Dr. Rowe shares the truth about her gaining and losing her baby weight, how it becoming “The Ab Doctor” came about and what cool things you can expect from her at the Houson Fit Family Expo! Click here […]

Believe it or not, Spring has sprung!! As we prepare to ‘Spring Clean’ our closets, we should also be thinking of cleaning out our makeup…


Hey guys @jjonthemic here! I can’t even express how much this tour means to me. I received such a special gift yesterday from the students at Codwell Elementary School. Their presentation was very sweet too. So honored to have been in the presence of such amazing girls! Thank you to Aeisha Odutayo for being a champion for […]

Houston beauty Kelly Rowland is the 2014 Caress Fabulista. In a sneak peek video we see the star just glow as she shows off those Caress products. I love those fresh and gorgeous smelling scents of their body washes. I keep three different kinds in my tub to add variation to bath time! Watch our girl […]

You think this is game?! It takes a team to get the oober fine Beyoncé stage ready, and her style team gives us an inside look at how it all happens. I’m not saying I want to be Beyoncé …but I would LOVE to play in those clothes and dance/twirl around in her bedazzled number […]

Lining your lips is one of those beauty practices that goes in and out of vogue. Some people swear by it while others think it’s…

Hey guys, do you remember last week when I mentioned on-air that I had a surprise planned for my little jelly bean and then she got in trouble at school? She got a red mark for talking too much in class and I posed the question to my listeners whether or not I should still […]

Given the amount of non-sense and foolery on television between the reality star cat fights, the infidelity in romantic relationships, and just all around drama, you may agree that there is no shortage of negative images. To my delight I had a chance to see an interview with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons with talk show […]

We all commit beauty sins everyday. Read on to check out a few of the things we should stop doing right now. Pulling your eye!…

Check out my #HardbodyHotty of the day, Kennedy. I must admit “President Kennedy” is very easy on the eyes. Enjoy her “selfies” & random flashes of “Bey & Jigga” all thru her IG! Eye candy at it’s best! Enjoy! Instagram: PresidentKennedy: 7k+ Followers Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On […]

Is it magic, some fabulous fairy dust, or wicked good genes? Its nice when you can continue to look youthful as you age. These fabulous celebs have managed to make it appear as though time has frozen. I feel like I look younger with shorter hair than I do with longer hair…Ahh  what’s a girl […]

Winter is hard on your skin…period! Falling temps and whipping winds show absolutely NO love to your body’s largest organ. On top of trying to…