Understandably so, our youth, young adults and the old alike can at times have limited perspectives about what wealth and success looks like. Some most readily believe that video models, ball players, rappers, sports players and record producers generate the most guap, cheddar, dollaz, green, dough etc. But, surprise, surprise- success is also the […]

That moment you feel really good about how you look, or feel fly because of a place you’ve visited so you bust out your phone, try and find that right angle and snap that selfie. If you’re like me it took that good ten or so try’s before you get one you like and then […]


Hey guys @jjonthemic here! I can’t even express how much this tour means to me. I received such a special gift yesterday from the students at Codwell Elementary School. Their presentation was very sweet too. So honored to have been in the presence of such amazing girls! Thank you to Aeisha Odutayo for being a champion for […]

February 26, 2014, Houston, TX- The Houston Astros will host the 2014 Civil Rights Game and ancillary activities, a series of events developed by MLB to pay tribute to those who fought on and off the field for equal rights for all Americans. The event is another example of the Houston Astros supporting MLB initiatives […]


    Hey @jjonthemic here ecstatic to announce the I’m Me Tour is set to make another stop. We are heading to Woodson Middle School and I am so pumped to share in the day with these fabulous young ladies. We’ll cover fun and engaging topics including: beauty/style, health/fitness,  etiquette, and goal setting to list […]