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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood is finally here. The movie in which Tom Hanks plays the iconic and very much loved Mr. Rogers is in theaters now and we sat down with the cast to talk about heroes, their neighborhood and of all things #BlackLove. The movie stars Matthew Rhys, Tom Hanks, and Susan Kelechi Watson and tells the tale of a bitter writer named Lloyd Vogel who gets assigned to profile Fred Rogers the host of the kid’s show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. At first, he was very reluctant but after talking to him Mr. Rogers he becomes all in and insists on meeting with the icon more. Even as his own family needs a lot of tender love and care. His wife Andrea Vogel played by the This Is Us star Susan Kelechi Watson ends up taking care of their kid and looking after Lloyd’s father as he uses Mr. Rogers to unpack some deep issues he has been struggling with.

During this episode of Extra Butter with Xilla Valentine, we get a brief moment with Tom Hanks who talks about Mr. Rogers’ legacy and Susan who says she knew this role was a big deal based on the people involved. She then goes on to talk about growing up in New York City, and where she ranks her TV character Beth Pearson and her TV husband Randall amongst the greatest Black Couples in TV history. She revealed, “I would put us amongst the ranks. There are some amazing ones now, but I would definitely throw us in there. The thing is we were influenced by so many. I was influenced by Martin and Gina, Dwayne and Whitley, and Love Jones.” She goes on to say those were the couples she saw growing up that made her yearn to see more Black Love in entertainment.

“Now I get the chance to have that impact and that influence. We totally embrace it because we know how important is it to have it.” She goes on to say that the fact that they get to do this for a living, is “a privilege.”

She also goes on to reveal how she plans to carve her own path in Hollywood and not be known as BETH from THIS IS US for the rest of her life. Check out this episode of Extra Butter and go see A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood in theaters everywhere now.

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