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Power is back! WTF did they do to the intro song? Anyway, you know the concept of a house of cards, right? They tend to look stable but they’re not, one gust of wind can send them tumbling down! Or, do you know about pulling an errant thread out of a garment? Pulling that one string can shred the entire thing. You get it. Welp, that’s what happened to Ghost and Tommy’s empire and this season, the final season before the spinoffs start coming, is going be all about the fallout. In season one it seemed like they were all best friends ‘til the end, ride or die, nothing was ever going to break them apart. It was actually nice to watch the sick tag team they had going. But, nothing lasts forever and now that we’re in Power’s final season ish done hit the fan. 

And that’s where we begin. Angela’s sister, Paz, and the feds all think Ghost is responsible. They believe Ghost had Angela killed because he thought she was going to flip on him (but she’s not the female witness the feds have lined up to testify). Meanwhile, Tommy tells Tasha what he did. She was pissed that he tried to kill Ghost without talking to her first because as much as she hates Ghost, she also doesn’t want her kids to grow up fatherless, especially after they’ve already lost Reina. Tommy makes no promises to her. At the moment, the only woman he is kinda sorta aligned with is Keisha, she’s the one who encouraged Tommy to take Ghost out but that has been botched. Keisha is playing ride or die, though, she “gets rid of the gun for Tommy” by tossing it in the river. We all know that’s probably going to resurface. 

Saxe runs up on Ghost and questions him about Angela’s death, Ghost explains what Angela did for him, but he says he didn’t see who did it. That’s because he wants to kill Tommy himself. He heads over to Tommy’s and they get into a brawl but Tariq enters and stops them. Ghost tries to get Tariq to side with him, but it’s clear that Tariq has his own mind. Later on, Tariq and Tommy catch up. Tommy asks how he’d feel if something bad happened to his pops and Tariq is actually conflicted. He tells Tommy he isn’t sure. 

Meanwhile, Tasha figures out that Ghost killed Terry Silver. She confronts Ghost about this and Ghost acts like a total jerk toward her. But Tasha has her own tricks up her sleeves. She demands a divorce from Ghost, which shocks him because he always thought he had her under control. We also learn later on that Tasha has her own plans for getting even with Ghost. We don’t know what she’s planning yet, but she’s a woman scorned so it’s probably going to be good.   

There was a major shakeup at the feds. Angela being dead is a major misstep because they were supposed to protect her. What that means is, Tamika is out as the boss and Jacob Warner (Evan Handler) is in and he is not playing. Speaking of, Proctor is still representing Ghost, and they’re applying pressure on him to admit that Ghost killed Angela. Instead, Proctor convinces Ghost to “talk” to make it seem as if he has nothing to hide. Those days are over, but whatevs. Anyway, Ghost meets with the feds and doesn’t really give them much but he stresses that he didn’t kill Angela and he doesn’t know who did it. The feds are also trying to get  Paz to agree to an autopsy. Paz is heartbroken and neither trusts the feds based on how they treated her sister, nor Ghost. 

Tommy’s only ally right now is Jason, leader of the Serbs, which is a good thing because he’s powerful. It’s also what saves Tommy’s life for now. Jason understands the rift between Tommy and Ghost. He figured out that Ghost would be coming for Tommy at some point and that leads us to the end of the episode. Basically, Ghost had been following Tommy and planned to execute his plan, pun intended, to kill his former best friend. Ghost pulls up to Serb territory, knowing that Tommy would be meeting there, and lets loose several rounds on a car that he believed to Tommy was driving. Ghost caught a body, alright, but it wasn’t Tommy. It was a decoy. Jason had one of his goons, who could be mistaken for Tommy in the dark, take the route first because he figured Ghost knew Tommy’s schedule. Jason was right. 

Ghost goes off after thinking he murdered his best friend, and he’s shaken up for obvious reasons. How did we get here? But back at the Serbian headquarters, Jason puts Tommy up on game. Tommy, for some reason, was naive enough to think that Ghost wasn’t aware of how he was moving but now he is and for now, no one is going to know that Tommy is still alive. But Ghost just took out one of Jason’s men, which means he’s about to have a whole lot more trouble on his hands. 


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