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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta picks up with Scrapp, Bambi, Joc, Kendra, Shekinah, Tokyo Vanity, Kirk, and Rasheeda are headed to Trinidad, but what they don’t know is that Mimi invited Pooh. Those two will show up later, and we all know that’s going to be lots of fun when they arrive. Anyway, Karlie Redd is in charge of hosting the group since her family is from Trinidad. Spice is the reason they’re there, but Spice will be performing in The Gambia for the first leg of their shenanigans so she’ll join the fun later.

Back in the states, we find Akbar V recording. Che Mack shows up to her session to inform her that Made Man got shot. Someone tried to rob him and now he’s in the hospital in intensive care. Che puts Akbar on the spot and asks if she can watch her daughter while she runs to check on him in the hospital. Che Mack explains that she’s conflicted about how to behave with him because she just moved out of the house they shared and she’s still mad at him but he’s also in a near death situation yatta yatta. Obviously, she should just go to the hospital and hope he doesn’t die.

In Trinidad, Karlie makes reservations for the group at a restaurant that serves local cuisine so they can taste Trinidadian food. There’s already tension between Karlie and Shekinah, and it doesn’t help the situation when Shekinah (and also Tokyo Vanity) is knit picking the food. Karli gets annoyed and snaps at Shekinah. Then they get into it. Karlie starts yelling at Shekinah to give Trinidad a chance. Shekinah reminds Karlie that she’s actually not from Trinidad. Then Tokyo jumps in and says she needed a passport to get there just like the rest of them. Karlie says she just wants them to have a good time. Then Shekinah says she don’t eff with Pooh but she gets what she’s saying about Karlie. Karlie gets triggered hearing Pooh’s name and plays the recording of her phone conversation with Hiriam allegedly saying nothing happened between them, but the context of what Karlie played is shady so we don’t really know if that’s exactly what he’s talking about in that moment. You know how tricksie Karlie is. Plus, we already saw the convo between Pooh and Hiriam where she told him that Karlie had recorded their conversation and he said that he was lying to Karlie and saying whatever she wanted just because it’s not his style to put his dalliances out there like that. So it’s a matter of he said she said. Someone is lying.

In Atlanta, Scrapp and Sierra are painting an anti-gun violence mural. They’re talking about all the gun violence they’ve experienced. Then Akbar pulls up and tells them about Che Mack’s babydaddy. Scrapp knows Che Mack, hasn’t seen her in a while but plans to check on her. Then We get back to the bs. Akbar V asks Scrapp about what was up with Moniece. He tries to downplay his relationship with her, like he does to pretty much all the women we’ve seen him with on this show. Then Sierra pulls Akbar V aside and asks her to stop beefing with all her friends. Akbar V agrees to behave herself…once again. Later on we find out that Made Man is stable and will survive. Then we cut to Scrapp walking with Che Mack. This is him checking up on her. They haven’t seen each other in a while but the story goes that they used to be close. According to Scrapp, she used to be his wingwoman. Then they start gossiping. Scrapp reveals that he feels some type of way about Stevie J because he wasn’t there for him when he was locked up. This is the perfect opportunity for Che Mack to bring up the fact that she heard that Stevie also creeping with Tommie while Scrapp was locked up. Scrapp heard that same rumor and plans to see his Uncle Stevie to discuss. We all know that means that Stevie will probably be making an appearance soon. We also know that that discussion is not going to go well.

Now we’re back in Trinidad at the point where Mimi shows up with Pooh. Mimi tries to get Pooh and Karlie Redd to put their differences aside. Karlie says she needs Pooh to admit that she lied about everything she said they did. Pooh, however, goes into graphic detail and even simulates some of what allegedly happened.

This obviously goes straight to hell, like we knew it would. First, it’s Karlie vs. Pooh but security shuts that down. Then Tokyo Vanity tries to get in on the fun and again security shuts that down. Mimi acts shocked that things went left with Pooh and then we get to next week when Pooh plays a recording she has of her husband saying that he lied during his convo with Karlie because he just didn’t want to put her out there. 

Anyway, we’ll be back at this next week. Because…drama.


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