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A graphic video circulating on social media shows a Baytown police officer opening fire and killing a woman who claimed she was pregnant.

The incident happened overnight at an apartment complex in Baytown. Police say they had encountered 44-year-old Pamela Turner outside of the complex before. The officer in question says he knew that the woman had outstanding warrants and began to approach her to arrest her.

The two began to struggle according to the officer who says he attempted to use his Taser on the woman. As he was attempting to take her into custody, he says she managed to get a hold of his Taser and used it on him. That’s when the officer opened fire, shooting the woman at least once.

During the initial struggle, the woman continued to yell, “I’m pregnant” multiple times towards the officer. The video circulating on social media shows that at least 5 shots were fired while the woman was down on the ground. Family members confirmed to news outlets that the woman was not pregnant.

She died at the scene, despite an attempt at rendering aid.

“This is the first shooting the officer has been involved in,” Baytown Police Lt. Steve Dorris said. “We’ll be out for some time tonight to reconstruct the events and get questions answered.”

Turner’s niece claimed that she suffered from mental health issues and that she had prior indigents with Baytown police. Dorris said the officer, an 11-year veteran of the force, was wearing a body cam.