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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta takes a page straight out of Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married. We start with the crew headed to a cabin in the woods for Kirk and Rasheeda’s couples trip. Guests include, BK and Sierra, Scrappy and Bambi, Joc and Kendra, and Karlie Redd decide to be Shekinah’s plus one because what would a couples trip be without the random singles attached for drama and comic relief, right? Anyway, Karlie’s engagement is still “off,” so she and Shekinah are the single girls on the trip. The group splits up into two buses, one with men, one with women and this is where the drama starts. At some point, Karlie mentions to Kendra that she and Joc had some touchy, feely, kissy moments last year. She added that they got a hotel room last year and “his peen was out” (no mention of how it got out or why it was out and why they got a hotel room) and he begged her to have sex but she said no.

Mind you, Kendra and Joc are supposed to have been together for three years or something like that, and apparently, Joc lied about what he and Karlie had going on.

Meanwhile, on the guys’ bus, BK says he’s getting Sierra a ring made. Then on the girls’ bus Sierra says that she and BK are in a good place but of course, Karlie does the carrier pigeon thing again. She tells Sierra that “she doesn’t want to rain on her parade” but then rains on her parade by talking about how she got a text from Pooh claiming that BK sent some inappropriate text messages to her while they were on a group trip to Cancun. So now Sierra is irritated. But why was Pooh texting Karlie if they don’t even like each other?

Sierra actually does confront BK on this trip about what Karlie Redd told her. BK denied the context of the convo (it was innocent and actually about his relationship with Sierra) and apologized to Sierra but she remained fake mad. Now, let’s fast forward a bit. We’re at a point on the trip where Karlie is practicing for her sex coach studies by giving the group a makeshift workshop by doing a demo of some toys. Kirk stirs the pot by asking her to demo the thing, you know, thee sex position that Joc was raving about on the radio not long ago. That’s enough to set Kendra off. She pulls Joc aside for a private convo to bring up what Karlie told her. Joc says it’s not true, apologizes, and says that he got Kendra’s name tatted on his peen so if Karlie had really seen it within the past year then she would have seen that. That seems to be enough for Kendra for now, kinda sorta, but later on it comes back up again. She brings it up to Bambi, who actually gives her some good advice. Basically, Kendra and Joc need to get on the same page or Kendra needs to leave if that’s what she feels she needs to do.

Later on, Karlie’s ex-fiance, Mo, shows up to the retreat and tries to win her back. He states his about how he’s wrong for withholding information from her but doubles down on the fact that he didn’t know about the baby and that he messed with the woman before her. Karlie puts on a show and starts giving us theatrics about how he betrayed her trust and that she’s tired of how he doesn’t support her or her career…it’s so extra. This is the same man that just a few weeks ago she was trying to convince us that he was the one and how he was different from the others, for real, for real, so when did he stop being supportive?

Anyway, this doesn’t go well and Mo decides to bounce. Smart man.

Next, we find the rest of the couples back in the cabin with Rasheeda and Kirk playing counselors. They want to try to tackle some of the dysfunction by giving the couples wisdom about how to communicate and encouraging them to work on themselves and not let outside forces [*cough] messy birds like Karlie [*cough] split them up. Karlie, who isn’t with the couples right now, has been cited as the source of a lot of the drama on the trip. Duh! But anyway, Rasheeda even opens up and says that she has also been guilty of infidelity in her relationship with Kirk.

We don’t learn what exactly happened on Rasheeda’s part other than that “her situation was a very long time ago, early in her and Kirk’s relationship.” Everyone is shocked and Kirk is sitting there with a smug look on his face. I guess this is supposed to be Rasheeda trying to keep Kirk from looking like the bad guy.

But anyway, no thanks for the marriage advice. Or am I bugging? Do you want marriage advice from Rasheeda and Kirk?

Next, Sierra, who is constantly irritated with BK for being shady, to admit that she “did something” with some guy who slid in her DM’s that he questioned her about after searching her phone. She does this because “wants to keep it real.” She apologizes and we end on that note.


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