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Facebook Finally Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism

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Facebook can’t seem to get anything right as of late but finally has taken a step in the right direction with its latest decision. The social media giant has taken the bold and essential step to ban white nationalism and white separatism on its platform.

The ban will also apply to Instagram as well.

Motherboard first reported that Tuesday Facebook made the decision to ban white nationalism and white separatism with the company’s COO Sheryl Sandberg along with others putting together the new policy. Those who hop on the platform searching for content or posts related to those trash ideologies will be redirected to a nonprofit called Life After Hate which is an avenue that helps people leave hate groups.

As of next week, Facebook who has already banned new age hate group the Proud Boys will now prohibit representation, praise and any of support of white nationalism and white separatism and will hone in on specific terms like “I am a proud white nationalist” and “Immigration is tearing this country apart; white separatism is the only answer.” Facebook will be utilizing machine learning and AI to help detect the problematic subject matter as well as a system to help delete images and that have been deemed to be hate speech.

Speaking with Motherboard Facebook’s counterterrorism policy director Brian Fishman had this to say about the new policy:

“We decided that the overlap between white nationalism, separatism, and white supremacy is so extensive we really can’t make a meaningful distinction between them. And that’s because the language and the rhetoric that is used and the ideology that it represents overlaps to a degree that it is not a meaningful distinction.”

This is a move the company should have done a long time ago, but hey better late than ever right?

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty

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