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Drake apparently is still being a generous tipper. The 6 God make a pit stop at a McDonald’s recently and was spotted allegedly giving out $10,000 tips to two female McDonald’s employees according to AOL.

It looks like an off-camera version of the “God’s Plan” video where he spent almost $1 million of the video budget not on himself but rather helping out local high schools and people in the Miami area. One of the customers happened to snap a pic of the Scorpion rapper and even the McDonald’s workers were taken aback. But, a reporter from CNN says Drizzy didn’t give away 10 stacks. Instead, he gave away $100.

Well, the original poster who shared the info on Drake refuted that report with additional info.

Though there hasn’t been any public statements regarding Drake’s latest random act of kindness, you gotta imagine how crazy it must be to get $100 or even $10,000 out of nowhere when you least expect it.

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