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Anderson .Paak knows that Malibu took him all over the world but Oxnard brings him back home.

The musician stops by The Madd Hatta Morning Show and opens up about the album, his time as a weed trimmer, why he ditched his Breezy Lovejoy name, meeting Kendrick Lamar for the first time and knowing his sh*t about the music business and more!

Why He Stopped Going By Breezy Lovejoy

“It was corny (laughs). I remember my mentor was like, ‘Are you really going to introduce yourself to Dr. Dre as Breezy Lovejoy?’ I was like, ‘You got a point.’ I went through this whole process when I was about to have my son and things were changing for me and I wasn’t selling weed no more and I was committed to being my own artist. I said, ‘I’m just gonna do me. I’m gonna focus on me and put everything into it.’ And it wasn’t happening, and I didn’t understand that. I’m talented, it should all happen for me. I play drums, I sing, rap, I look great. I realized I didn’t have any work ethic.”

On his life as a weed trimmer:

“You have to trim all the leaves before you put it in your pipe. It was all this whole process. And when it got to us, it was up to us to make it look pretty. We used to trim for hours and get paid by the pound. And we made $200 a day trimming weed, it was the dream. We’d be listening to music, chillin, bullsh*ttin, take some for us… I’m not surprised they’re legalizing it though. Once they figure out how to get a hold of the money first then they’re going to do it.”

On meeting Dr. Dre:

“Dre’s not avidly on Soundcloud finding artists … but he’s got people around him that he trust and they’re bringing him the hot stuff. So they bring him in the room and they play “Suede” and he said, “That’s hard … let’s work.” And that’s how it started. The first song we worked on was “All In A Days Work” and every day I was there he was seeing what I can do. Then seeing my live show and … yeah, he was just finding out.”

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