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Kanye & Trump SNL parody

Source: NBC screen cap / NBC

Kanye West embarrassed himself while visiting the Oval Office and performing a minstrel show on Thursday (Oct. 11). So it was a given that Saturday Night Live would recreate their bizarre at best lovefest. 

With Alec Baldwin once again playing Donald Trump and Chris Redd portraying Kanye West, the jokes were flying.

The conclusion, Yeezy is the Black version of Cheeto. “Oh my God, he’s Black me,” said SNL Trump (in his inner voice) after witnessing a man with an ego and narcissism to match.

All things considered, where is the lie?

Worth noting is that Baldwin also included a nod to his headass notion that Black people love him because of Trump portrayal.

Also, props to the SNL writer who include the “scoopity dee whoop” Yeezy lyrics slander (see: “Lift Yourself”).

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