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In less than five years, the names of Michael BrownPhilando CastileWalter Scott and countless others have become part of American history. All because there is video evidence of their interaction with police officers, sadly ending with their deaths.

Thanks to a modification in the Shortcuts app, you can now record your interaction with law enforcement.

The application allows one’s smartphone to achieve a variety of tasks through voice command. App designer Robert Peterson created a Shortcuts add-on simply called Police. The moment the add-on is selected, it triggers recording for police encounters according to WTVR.

As soon as you get pulled over you can tell Siri, “Siri, I’m getting pulled over.” The command will activate the app and your location will be discretely sent to a desired contact. From there Siri will record your interaction with the officer and send all of the footage to your desired contact. Boom.

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As soon as you’re pulled over, you can say, “Siri, I’m getting pulled over,” which will activate the app. It will discreetly send your location to a designated contact, record your interaction with the officer and send all of that footage to said contact.

“I have noticed in reading news articles and seeing reports on TV that in many cases you end up with police saying one thing happened and the citizen being pulled over saying another,” Petersen told USA TODAY. “And how do you determine truth? Sometimes the police have body cams, sometimes not, and even when they do it’s not always released in a timely manner.”

Plus, the app also immediately places the user’s iPhone in “Do Not Disturb” mode just so when you get a text or an alert, none of it will push an officer to do something rash like draw their weapon upon you.

“When dealing with being pulled over and interacting with law enforcement, you want as little distraction as possible, and that includes music, bright screens and notifications coming in,” Petersen said. “You want to be focused on the encounter at hand and don’t want any unnecessary distraction to yourself or to law enforcement personnel.”

Android users also have similar apps: ACLU Blue and I’m Getting Arrested!

This’ll be a little clutch!

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