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This week’s episode of Insecure probably left anyone in the dating scene traumatized and triggered (spoilers below).

Surprisingly, it most likely wasn’t because of the return of Lawrence (Jay Ellis). In episode five, Issa Rae‘s character ran into him at the store on her Coachella trip and in episode six, they see each other again at Tiffany’s (Amanda Seales) baby shower. Their conversation seemed to go smoothly and Issa made it clear by the end of the episode that she was ready to move on.

Only problem is, her new potential bae went missing in action!

That’s right. Earlier in the episode, her new starry-eyed boo thang, Nathan (played by Kendrick Sampson), was making it seem like he had feelings for Issa when they were snuggled up in her bed. But when Issa texted him about a Lyft investigation pertaining to the night they met, Nathan didn’t respond for a day in a half. So in millennial dating years that’s like…a week!


There could only be two explanations for this. Either Nathan’s on the run from the law…


Or he completely ghosted Issa.


For anyone who’s been left stranded and alone by a potential bae, I’d imagine you had some traumatic flashbacks when watching episode six.

To help you get through this moment, we’ve decided to list the seven stages of being ghosted in hopes that you can heal, be mad, then get right back in the dating game. Hit the next pages to find out what words people utter during these emotional stages!

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