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If you watched the season finale of Power on Sunday night then you know viewers were left with one hell of a cliffhanger. And if you haven’t watched it yet … watch it now because the next few sentences contain spoilers and even HEAVIER spoilers thanks to series creator Courtney A. Kemp.

Alright? Okay.

Angela and Ghost were talking and Ghost was lying about killing Terry Silver (out of jealousy over Silver sleeping with Tasha, but yeah). Ghost tells her that he loves her before she winds up saving his life as Tommy pulls the trigger, shooting Angela as opposed to Ghost in their old high school.

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So, fans were left wondering — did Angela die?

Well, Courtney Kemp spoiled it for everybody in less than 24 hours, both on Instagram and in an interview with Deadline.

“To me, it’s not a new level. It’s that the show is ending,” Kemp told Deadline. “So, we’re driving toward what the show’s going to feel like toward the end, which is I’m amping up Ghost’s powerlessness. He can’t stop the things he thinks he can stop. In his pursuit of a certain kind of power and a certain kind of life, he can’t help but injure those around him. Just think if he had trusted Angela, he would never have asked her to that school again. Just think, but he put her in harm’s way and that’s the result.”

Well damn, Power fans, how y’all feeling? Does this ruin the show for you next season?

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