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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is more lowkey that last week’s, but not without the drama. We start with Rasheeda, Sierra, Mimi, Spice, and Tommy at a girls dinner. The latter two have been working together on music and are preparing to shoot a video. However, Spice, in her confessional, says that Tommy hasn’t been the easiest person to work with and we all know this is going to be a thing. Rasheeda fills them in on Kirk taking it upon himself to move back in the house, Sierra then reveals that she’s in a relationship with BK Brasco and that he has two kids. Then Tommy says that BK Brasco actually has 4 kids because she knows someone he’s messing with. This means BK Brasco is seeing someone behind Sierra’s back. Sierra plans to investigate, but she won’t have to do much she tells Karlie Redd what went down later on and you know Karlie fancies herself a detective, so she’ll do the legwork for her girl.

Next, Jasmine meets up with Tiarra to complain that Kirk is trifling. Shocker. Basically, he hasn’t been making the effort to see their son. Naturally, Tiarra gives Jasmine bad advice. Tiarra thinks Jasmine should have a conversation with Rasheeda about this and the best place to meet her is at Yung Joc’s upcoming salon grand opening party.


Back to Spice and Tommy. We find Spice at a rehearsal for their video, but Tommy shows up late and Spice is super aggy. Spice cranks up the patois and starts going off on Tommy for being late once again, and for her unprofessional behavior, not to mention the fact that she has been drinking. Tommy’s excuse is that her pig was sick.

Why would anyone who doesn’t live on a farm have a pet pig?


Spice demands an apology and eventually gets it, but this relationship is crumbling fast. We’ll see more of how this devolves next week.

Now we’re at Joc’s event. Tokyo Vanity’s ex shows up, announces that he is newly single and immediately starts trying to kick it to Spice. And if you think about it, Spice and Tokyo Vanity, have some similarities in appearance. Anyway, the real tea gets spilled when Sierra gets her moment to confront BK Brasco about what Tommy told her. BK Brasco is firm in his stance that he only has two kids. Tommy has text messages from the woman in question but BK Brasco says the woman is a stalker and that it’s two kids, not four. Sierra chooses to trust her man, but Karlie Redd does some digging later on, like we knew she would, and finds out that BK Brasco might not be being honest after all.

And then, Tiarra shows up…with Jasmine in tow. Rasheeda isn’t there because she’s busy signing the lease for Pressed Houston, as in, she’s expanding her store to Texas, but Joc, Kirk, Mimi, Spice, Sierra, n’em are looking at her like:


There’s definitely a vibe. A nasty vibe. Tiarra says that they didn’t know Kirk would be there as if it couldn’t have been a possibility. Spice says it’s obvious Kirk would be there because he and Joc are friends and gets really froggy. Spice and Jasmine go back and forth for a bit but that good ol’ Love and Hip-Hop security shuts that down swiftly. Mimi steps in on a calmer note and mentions that it’s not appropriate for Jasmine to be there.

Jasmine brings up a good point: Why are they all mad at her but Kirk is chilling? We don’t really get a logical answer because…sexism. You know, the woman is the homewrecker and men just can’t control their urges, naturally.


Meanwhile, Kirk dips out during all of this, and in his confessional, he says he has been sending Jasmine child support checks so he couldn’t possibly imagine what more she’d want from him. IDK, because it’s not like physically showing up for a child is just as important as monetary support. But, Kirk logic gon’ Kirk Logic. Then again, this is what happens when you jump off recklessly. Anyway, Jasmine leaves the party before things get too out of control.

Later on, Rasheeda gets home and fins Kirk packing his bags. He reveals that his mother passed away, so it looks like he and Rasheeda’s personal issues are put on hold for now.


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