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FROM GLAMOUR: The wrong hair, makeup, or skin-care choices can add years fast. But a few quick tricks will turn back time.

Skipping Eyeliner

Even if your Saturday nights no longer end on Sunday mornings, you don’t need to start ditching eye makeup. As we age, our eyes start to droop at the outer corners—and liner and mascara can do wonders. Fake a lifted look by lining your upper lashes with black pencil, making the line a bit thicker at the outer corners. Next, curl your lashes and add a few coats of mascara—straight lashes may make lids appear hooded.

Blunt Haircuts

Most of our favorite over-40 stars have layered haircuts—and there’s a reason for that. All-one-length looks tend to draw the eyes down and therefore make your face look droopy. Instead, ask your stylist to cut some layers. This brings all the focus to your great cheekbones.

Wearing Frosty Eyeshadows

Metallic and frosted eye shadows were iffy back in junior high—and they’re even less flattering now. Why? They look too harsh and highlight fine lines. Instead, look for shadows that have a subtle sheen when they hit the light—not a full-on sparkle fest. Try Cover Girl Eye Enhancers.


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Loading Up On Bronzer

Everyone wants to look like they just spent the weekend relaxing on the beach. But faking it can just make you look older, because the yellow and brown bases of bronzer give skin a dull appearance. Instead of brushing it all over, create a halo effect by dusting only your hairline, cheekbones, and jawline (and blending well). Avoid putting it around your eyes, nose, and mouth—darkness in these areas can be aging.

Letting Foundation Settle Into Fine Lines

Think you’re hiding wrinkles by piling on the foundation? Excess makeup just exaggerates them. The fix: After applying your foundation with a brush, take a damp makeup sponge and gently press it all over your face. This removes any foundation that has settled into lines, and creates a soft finish. SEE THE REST HERE!

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