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Usher was the victim of a serious robbery last month.

The home Usher shares with estranged wife Grace Miguel was victimized as burglars stole $820,000 of jewelry and $20,000 cash from the R&B singer. Per The Blast:

“Miguel said that she was notified of the incident by the housekeeper on March 29th. The housekeeper told Miguel that when she arrived at the home that morning, she “discovered a footprint on the second floor, a handprint on the pillow in the lower floor, and the curtains to the lower floor window were open.”

“According to Miguel, when the housekeeper went to check the recording box where the security camera footage was kept, “she noticed that the recording box was missing and connecting wires were cut.” Miguel said that she arrived at the home, she verified that jewelry had been stolen and when she called Usher to tell him what happened, she noticed that cash was also missing from a box on the nightstand — $20,000 according to the report.”


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