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Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints

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Lee Dragna, a Louisiana man filed a lawsuit on Monday against the New Orleans Saints organization looking for a refund for his season tickets and the cost of his lawyer.
The man stated that he hasn’t attended a game since the first home game of the 2017 season on Sept. 17. He is claiming that the protesting during that game by the players made for a bad experience of rowdy and angry fans seated next or near to his seats.

The suit says, “They passed directly in front of where the petitioner and his guests were seated. Many of the fans in that area booed and cursed at the Saints players.”
“Apparently, these players were following the lead of (former San Francisco 49ers quarterback) Colin Kaepernick by disrespecting the flag, the anthem, the USA and those who have served and are serving the USA in our military,” the suit says.
Dragna said that the fans upset attitude against the players protesting came with spilled beer, cursing and was “borderline dangerous for his family and the customers that he would have escorted to the game.
“The Saints created that behavior by condoning it,” he said.
“It’s my thought pattern that (players) should not be allowed (to protest),” he said. “If you sell tickets to a gaming event for entertainment, you should not be allowed to turn it political.”
After the news of his lawsuit came out, the Saints running back, Mark Ingram, Jr. tweeted, “The one time we protested an anthem was an away game. After a team meeting we decided to kneel as one BEFORE the anthem was played and STAND united as one DURING the anthem! Good luck dude.”
Now, let’s see if his case is upheld in court or if the judge will dismiss it.

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