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Paris Dennard is ride-or-die for Donald Trump. Whether it’s defending Trump when he is sympathizing with neo-Nazis or co-signing bizarre Twitter rants, the conservative commentator believes Trump can do no wrong. Over the weekend, Trump embarrassed himself again and Paris had explanations.

Trump appeared for a photo opp at the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. Several civil rights activists, including Congressman John Lewis, rightfully refused to attend. As you know, 45 doesn’t have a great history with the Black community, from the racist Birther movement to housing discrimination lawsuits, it should be no shock that anyone thinks he is a racist. Moreover, as President, his policies, especially on education, healthcare and so-called tax reform will deeply hurt the Black community. Everything Trump stands for goes against the countless people who lost their lives for civil rights.

CNN decided to debate Trump’s insincere appearance at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum with Dennard and Democratic operative A. Scott Bolden. CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield calmly asked Dennard, “How do you, as a Black man, defend the President’s remarks last night for support of a man who talked about days being great in the days of slavery?” Whitfield is referring to Trump endorsing racist and accused pedophile Roy Moore.

Bolden then demanded Dennard answer the question. Paris proceeded to go ballistic on Bolden and Whitfield. Watch the foolishness below, which starts around the 6:30 mark.

Paris Dennard is clearly living at the very bottom of the sunken place.


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