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Today former child actor Corey Feldman was on the “Today” and on the Megyn Kelly shows once again discussing pedophiles in Hollywood.
Originally Corey brought this to light back in 2013, when he wrote a book called, Coreyography: A Memoir, where he talked about being molested by older men that are known pedophiles inside the Hollywood industry.
The allegations in his book have recently come to light again since the rape and sexual assault allegations throughout Hollywood have finally made it’s way out.
In 2013, Feldman was also on The View discussing his book and in his interview Corey was chastised by Barbara Walters. During some of the interview you can hear Walters fussing at Corey saying, “You’re damaging an entire industry.” And in that interview Corey said that the one person who helped him was Michael Jackson… helped, not molested or sexually assaulted.
Today Corey reiterated, “I vow that I will release every single name that I have knowledge of, period. Nobody’s going to stop me this time as long as people support this.”
On the Megyn Kelly show, Megyn asked Corey to name names… he said he was abused by two people, he already one in his book and the other one he can’t without legal protection.
Who was the man? The man ran a child club back his childhood days and now his abusers works for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 
Corey talked about his $10 million dollar fundraiser in which he explains that, “It’s a feature film, which is why we need to budge that we need. There’s actors, there’s scripts, there’s special effects, visual effects… It will be a very true story. We will have every name… We must make a film without executives. I’m going to self-distribute and self-market the film.. and hire a team of attunes to protect me and the film.”
Matt Lauer asked Corey why he doesn’t just go to the police and report the names and the death threats that he’s received.
“I’ve told the police,” a visibly emotional Feldman funded. “In fact, if anyone wants to go back to 1993 when I was interviewed by the Santa Barbara Police Department, I sat down and I gave them the names. They’re on record. They have all this information.”
Corey said that in 1993 the only thing the police was worried about was pinning case on Michael Jackson and they didn’t want the names Corey gave them.
“I know the difference between pedophiles and not pedophiles because I’ve been molested,” Corey told Lauer he told the police in 1993.
And why hasn’t Corey gone back to the police again with these Hollywood molesters names?
“There’s a statute of limitation, Matt, in the state of California. It’s not that way in New York, it’s only that way where the movie industry is, conveniently enough. In the state of California, if I go to police, I’d be the one getting sued.”
“There are thousands of people who have this information,” Corey said. He says that the people who were in the scene with him have the same information and saw the same things.

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