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Have you seen Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s latest loving gesture?
Well, last week, Johnson hit up his Instagram to send a loving message to a 76-year old grandma, Judy Rosenberg, who’s battling Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
In his Instagram post, Johnson starts by saying, “I just had to share this one email with you guys because the universe works in amazing ways. I’m so grateful I got this email.”

Johnson reads the email’s subject “A favor on behalf of my grandma from the Rock,” and then proceeds to read the email that tells the Rock who Judy is… she’s been married to same man for 57 years, she has 5 children and 17 grandchildren and she loves being a wife, mother and grandmother and she has “a potty mouth.”
Johnson says, “I love you already, Judy. I don’t have that many babies, but I love to practicing making babies Judy. I say that jokingly because I know you’ll appreciate it.”
Johnson continues by saying, “she wants me to send her air kisses, she wants me to call her sexy…” He didn’t hesitate to send Judy air kisses and to call her sexy. Johnson says how Judy was being moved into hospice and that the one thing she wanted to keep with her to keep her strong was a cardboard cutout of the Rock in his WWE trunks.
After Johnson finishes reading the email he sends her a message saying, “Judy, you’re beautiful. You’re clearly sexy. Myself and now millions of people who are watching this are sending you all the love and all the positive energy in the world. We love you. Stay strong.”