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Football player running with ball

Source: Thomas Barwick / Getty

A young man made the wrong decision when he tried carjacking a few amateur football players last week.
It took place at the Loma Linda Community Center on August 11, when a would be thief named Angelo Drew Martinez asked for a ride from a trio of friends just so he could rob them.
He was in luck when the three guys said yes to Martinez asking for a ride , but that luck would change when he attempted to hold them up once in the car.
Martinez pulled a fake gun out on the group of friends and demanded that they exit the vehicle so he could carjack them.
Once the players exited the vehicle they noticed that Martinez was fumbling with the fake gun inside the car.
That was their moment to take Martinez down… that was wheb one of the guys jumped back inside and started to punch Martinez in the face.
After seeing their buddy inside, the remaining  two men jumped in the beat down Martinez recieved.
The police stated that Martinez was armed with an actual knife, a note and the fake handgun.
They reported that the note said, “Give me the keys to your wip and nobody get heart. I know where you live so don’t make me kill,” reported by Fox News.
The suspect was later charged with four counts of aggravated assault wirh a deadly weapon and attempt to commit a felony.
In his mugshot picture you can clearly see that he lost the battle with a swollen face and two swollen shut black eyes.
According to the news this wasn’t his first brush with the law. Martinez has a criminal record that has offenses for car theft and shoplifting on it.

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