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The unique sport is Toe wrestling… it’s a game that was founded in 1976 in Derbyshire in the East Midlands of England as something that they created only the British could win.
The game is being compared to an arm wrestling competition because the two contenders lock toes and wrestle for the pin of the other person’s foot for three seconds.

The game goes for three rounds and it is done with one right foot and one left foot and another right foot only if necessary.
On Saturday the men’s finals had a reoccurring competitor, Alan “Nasty” Nash who competed against toe ‘Doc Toe Scholl’ and won. Nasty Nash’s win makes him the world champion, his 14th title and his sixth win in succession.
Another champ is the new women’s title holder Rebecca Beech who took that title after beating her mom, the previous title winner.
It’s not just any toys can compete… No, the competitors are required to get onsite foot checks by a podiatrist.
That makes it a clean fight.

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