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According to the Aspen Times  a 25-year old man tried to pass himself off as the former NFL player Chad Johnson formerly known as Chad Ochocino in a Louis Vuitton store.
Mervin Cabe was trying to purchase over $18,000 in Louis Vuitton gear when he told the employees that he was the 39-year old NFL wide receiver. The man tried to keep up his lie when he gave the employees an incorrect “profile ID” and a credit card that was repeatedly declined.

Somehow he was able to purchase $18,458 worth of Louis Vuitton by using an Apple Pay account that was not his. Cabe’s actions were obviously raised some suspicion because the police arrived before he could leave with any merchandise.
Once the police were there, Cabe kept up his lie about being Chad Johnson, but he told the police an incorrect date of birth for Chad Johnson. The police continued to talk to Cabe, but he was said to have been “highly evasive” and “kept making excused and repeating the same nonsensical story,” officers said in the affidavit.
At some point, Cabe asked to speak with a sergeant where he told him, “You’re going to have to take me… to jail. I’ve done something bad.”
Cabe was later charged on identity theft and unauthorized use of a financial transaction… both are felonies.
The affidavit continued to say, “More internet research showed that Chad Javon Johnson… is an ex-NFL player and known to shop for and wear Louis Vuitton merchandise.”
At some point, Chad Johnson posted to his Twitter and Instagram pages about the situation.
On Twitter, Johnson said, “I should bail dude out & be his mentor & introduce him to my lifestyle of frugality & freedom outside of society’s standards.”
And on his IG page, Johnson said. “I am officially famous now, my cheap a** barely spends 18k a year let alone in one store, I only shop at urban outfitters, H&M, Zara, Target & thrift stores as most of you know who actually have followed my cheap a** throughout the years but this flattering. I’m f***ing famous now.”

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