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The lady in charge of the treasury at a high school for a senior party, in Rosemount, Minnesota has admitted to stealing close to $9,000 for personal usage.
Jill Lynn Fiedler, 38, is said to have made several transactions that totaled $8,727 in withdrawals in the form of unauthorized checks, debit card transactions or in cash in order to pay for her sex toys.

Aside from her sex toys purchase, her other transactions consisted of a charge to AT&T, $200 cash withdrawals and six charges from her PayPal account in the amount of $4,325 to Pure Romance, it’s a website that sales “hottest bedroom accessories” such as sexy toys, lingerie, etc…
Fiedler worked for an independent contractor for Pure Romance at the time so she claimed that she had the funds in order to purchase items for the Eastview High School senior party.
“She admitted she knew she would have to repay the money as the purchases were no longer authorized and that she had the majority of it, but n needed more time to pay it back,” the complaint read. “She stated she believed that she owed them back a bit over $7,000 and had $5,000 or the majority that she could pay back immediately.”
It’s not surprise that Fielder had no explanation for the $414 charge at AT&T and as of April, she had no paid any of the money back yet.
Fiedler has been charged with “one felony count of theft by temporary control” and Pure Romand said that since the incident she has been fired.
This isn’t her first money issue either because back in 2015 she was charged with theft after writing 27 bad checks.