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The Target SuperStore announced that they brought back their trade-in program of old and used car seats for a 20% off coupon.
The program started running on Monday, April 17 and goes through April 30 and the coupon expires May 31.
The store has a double reason for running the program during the month of April…
Their main reason would be that they want make sure that babies and kids are being secured in the proper car seat that is apprprote for their child’s age and size.
Their second reason is for Earth Day that is this month on April 22.
The store is trying to do their part by contributing to a solution for the hard-to-recycle waste that normally would fill up the landfills and by taking in old and used car seats, they’re helping to eliminate that from happening.
The store has help with the removal part since they have reportedly partnered with Terracycle for this process and since a car seat is a large recycle item, they are offering the 20% coupon as a way to encourage people to come in.
The store said that they also expect that the will be receiving over 700,000 pounds of car seats too.
The how to part the program is simple… You go to the store and turn in your car seat in the recycle bins that they have provided and then you get with a Target team member and they will give you the 20% off coupon.
Don’t forget that you can use this 20% coupon in-store or online and that you have until May 31 to redeem the coupon.

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