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We’re getting the first look at the new Pixar’s animated creation movie, ‘Coco’.
This film is touching on the holiday Día de los Muertos or The Day of the Dead… this day’s origins starts in Mexico and is no celebrated in a variety of ways by other people around the world.
We have people celebrating their dead loved ones during the holiday in Asia, Europe, North America- Guatemala, United States… California and South America California and other places.

It starts Oct. 31 for All Hallows Eve, November 1 for All Saints Day and November 2– All Souls Day or Día de los Muertos.
The movie is being released November 22… it’s about a young boy named Miguel. Miguel is a young guitarist who’s just starting out, but he admires and idolizes a famous Mexican guitarist Ernesto de la Cruz.
In the trailer that Miguel plays his guitar along with a video of his idol playing and later goes to see the guitar up close.
During his visit to Ernesto’s shrine, Miguel takes the guitar down and goes to strum it when gold fakes fall around him and that’s when he’s taken into The Land of the Dead.
In the story Miguel becomes acquainted with a “charming trickster” Hector and the two set off on a journey together.
During their journey, Miguel learns the story behind his family history… his ancestry.