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If we learned anything this past week, it’s not to mess with Remy Ma period! Last weekend Remy Ma shut down the internet when she came out of nowhere with her scathing diss record “SHEther” calling out Nicki Minaj.

It was clearly no debate at the time as the internet and hip-hop community all agreed that Remy won that round since we never got a response from the head Barbie in charge at all.


We are now about a full week in and besides some Instagram photos trying to portray herself as being “unbothered” Nicki still has not responded. Remy of course decided she’s not gonna wait and decided to poke the dead horse again and dropped another diss record last night titled “Another One” getting at Nicki which premiered on Funk Flex’s radio show.

Unfortunately that diss record was not well received among the social media masses and the hashtag #ThatWasTrashRemy immediately began to trend. Remy even took a step forward and posted and quickly deleted a photo on Instragram of pre-surgery Nicki in a risqué photo. Yet still no response from the self-proclaimed Queen of hip-hop though.


Well today on The Wendy Show, Remy and Fat Joe stopped by and Remy once again let it be known she is P E T T Y as hell by showing up dressed for a funeral.


Now of course you know Wendy had to get the details on what started the beef and to our surprise Remy reveals (full interview posted above) that it wasn’t Nicki’s subliminal jabs on wax but her behind the scenes behavior. Remy revealed to Wendy and the world that Nicki tried to keep money out her pocket, keep her off of red carpets, block her from winning awards by threatening not to show up and make people write bad reports about her albums.

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Well the world is still on Nicki watch waiting to see if she will say anything at all on the situation. Earlier today The Breakfast Club’s own Charlamagne Tha God awarded Nicki “Donkey of The Day” for sudden quietness in these rap streets.

Welp, if getting Donkey of The Day doesn’t get a rise out of Nicki or Remy’s accusations today we don’t know what will. All we know is she has to respond because Remy is not a nobody she can just sweep under a rug. We shall see how this continues to play out.

Do you feel Nicki should respond? Let us know below.

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