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ABC's 'Scandal' - Season Three

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Tonight on Scandal we find Cyrus getting processed in prison, and he’s still declaring his innocence. He’s soooo not about that jailbird life, and when the prison guard spits in his face for being too demanding (he wanted to speak to Tom, who is in another wing, to try to get him to tell the truth), it’s clear that it’s best for him to stay quiet, and where he is in the moment—away from most of the other prisoners. Otherwise, he could end up in gen-pop with all the Frankie Vargas fans who want a piece of him. Meanwhile, Mellie is celebrating because she thinks she’s about to be president. However, Olivia knows they’re not out of the woods yet. Mellie is not president until she is officially sworn in, which means there’s definitely a large window for ish to go left. You know what show this is.


Rosen wants to pursue Cyrus’ punishment to the fullest extent of the law, which could mean the death penalty, but Abby, speaking on behalf of Fitz, lets him know that’s not going down. Back in prison, we find Liz paying Cyrus a visit. Cyrus convinces her to give Tom a letter. Cyrus’ plan is to convince Tom that he loves him (by professing his love in the letter) with hopes that Tom will finally admit that he lied.

Olivia has the gladiators on a mission to figure out who killed Vargas, for real, for real. Her motive isn’t about clearing Cyrus, though. She just wants to make sure Mellie is in the clear.

In other news, Fitz is having the time of his life. He got himself a new black boo thang. It’s Angela Webster, the director of the FBI. Let’s not forget that Liv told Angela that she was cool with her making a move on him.


You already know that’s going to make Olivia jealous, and we also know that Fitz is really just trying to replace what he’s missing with Olivia, but whatevs. Back to real business, Angela mentioned to him that Abby “passed his message” on about not wanting the death penalty, but as it turns out, he never told Abby any such thing. Fast forward to when David, Angela and Fitz confront Abby about that moment, and basically, Fitz tells her she better stop habitually line-stepping. Abby claims she’ll fall in line, but yeah right. She is modeled after Olivia, whether she wants to admit it or not, so she will always do her own thing.


Back to Cyrus in jail…

Just when things don’t seem like they could get worse, they do, of course. Michael got ahold of the letter he wrote to Tom (because Liz gave it to him smh), and believes it,so he plans to leave Cyrus and he’s taking the house and Ella.  Cyrus tries to convince him that it’s a rouse, but it doesn’t matter, and then things get even more bottom of the barrel. The guard that spit in his face set him up to get beat down by some of those Frankie Vargas-enthusiast inmates. It’s bad. Like, baaaad.

Cyrus wakes up in the hospital, to find Michael and Olivia by his side. They inform him that Tom recanted his story and that he got exonerated. This means that the electoral college will vote for Cyrus to be president. Olivia tells him that she won’t stand in his way as long as he makes Mellie his VP. And just like that…we cut back to Cyrus on the ground bloody and beaten because it was all a dream. Boooooooo.


Cyrus, back in jail, and recovering from his beat down, manages use his one phone call to reach out to Olivia. He tells her that he’s innocent and he told Tom not to do it. Olivia is reluctant to help him, but Cyrus appeals to her with, “You know me. I am a monster, but I am your monster.”


Olivia remains stoic and basically tells him to man up before informing him that they’re cool and all, but she’s never going to speak to him again.


The episode wraps up in a familiar way. The gladiators make a major discovery with regard to Tom Larson—he was actually no where near where Frankie got murdered and couldn’t possibly have done it, so Tom and Cyrus are innocent. In the final scene, Tom, near death because Cyrus’ goon strangled him and went too far, tells Cyrus that he made it all up because he wanted to see him suffer.

Sooooo…now we’re back to square one. Who killed Frankie Vargas?


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