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Late Monday, the LifeTime channel was showing 1997 biographical film about La Reina of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla-Peréz and her widower Chris Peréz was live blogging about it on his Facebook page.

Chris Perez was watching Selena Movie.

February 6 at 11:12pm · 

Guess what just started on the Lifetime tv channel…yup. Gonna grab a bottle of wine from the kitchen and sit through the movie in it’s entirety for the first time (besides the premier…where my eyes were closed half of the time). Wish me luck. This is gonna be surreal. 

Chris freely told his and Selena’s fans how this was the first time he was going to watch the movie for real… because as he posted, he kept his eyes closed during most of the the premier viewing.
About 30-minutes later, Chris posted some hesitant about watching the Selena movie by posting:

Chris Perez

February 6 at 11:43pm · 

Ugh, don’t know if I can do this. The TRUE test will be when my “character” comes out. 

And he worked through it and started to share some true facts about the movie vs. their real lives.
He was responding to fans and one of them, Jessica Ramos asked Chris, “What was your thoughts when you first saw Selena would love to know.”
He shared that experience saying:

Chris Perez I first saw her in person in the parking lot of a Dennys Restaurant…she was hot. BUT, I was more focused on being their new guitar player. :)

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He made a comment about how Selena always made him nervous and how they were busted in the bus kissing… he called out the guy who really walked in on the two of them. too.
But, from that post, another fan, Susan Trevino asked, “Oh my… LOL, who made the first move though?!?”

Chris Perez

Yesterday at 12:21am · 

She always made me nervous….who “dances” next to Selena? LOLO!!!! :)Then, it got real. CHHTT!!!!!! And it was Ricky (not Joe) that busted us. (Sorry Rick…my bad)

Chris Perez (cough, cough) SHE did. ;)
Chris Perez Although…I was COMPLETELY down for it, LOL!
And he didn’t leave out the part where he trashed that hotel room and how it all started.

Chris Perez

Yesterday at 12:31am · 

Room trashing happened….Oh God. Not one of my prouder moments. But I paid THOUSANDS in damages. Lesson Learned. She…was…PISSED.

Chris Perez Ma and son some friends started wrestling. Sh** got crazy…FAST.

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Someone asked how he got home after Selena’s father kicked him off the bus and he said:

Chris Perez Friend picked me up.

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He touched on that part where they were eating pizza and he said that moment was heavier then they portrayed it in the movie.

Chris Perez

Yesterday at 12:16am · 

Yup. She LOOOOOOOOVED pizza….this scene coulda been a lil more heavy. Here’s where we first said ” I love you” to each other. My head was spinning.

Maybe it was just left out because it wasn’t what they wanted at that point int he movie…

When the movie was getting to the end point, Chris said bye to his fans.

Chris Perez

Yesterday at 12:48am · 

And here’s where I think I have to leave the party….It was good hanging with you guys tonight and being able to “talk” with you all. Until next time….ENJOY THE REST OF THE MOVIE! 

If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out and if you haven’t read his book, check that out too. Chris shares more about the two of them in his book Selena, with Love.
And the by Tuesday, Chris posted this last thing about his movie night:

Chris Perez

23 hrs ·

Crazy how last night’s “shenanigans” made some of the news networks. Who’da thunk it? As silly as it may seem, I have to remind myself sometimes, “Dude, people actually READ your posts!” LOL!!! Seriously though, thank you for the love and support. On another note, hope to have some good news about a new project for you soon!  :) :) :) :)