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President Obama End of Year News Conference

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The other day on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen did a tribute video to the Former POTUS Barack Obama.
She started off by saying, “Eight years ago it would have been hard to believe that could repeal, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, pass the Hate Crimes Act and legalize Marriage Equality all with one President. But yes could and yes we did. President Obama we are all so grateful for everything you’ve done in the name of equality, kindness and love.”
And after her opening, Ellen gave u twenty-three stars who also wanted to express their gratitude toward Barack Obama.
I want to say there are no words, but actually, there are,” Nathan Lane said. “There just aren’t enough words.”

Jim Parsons started his thanks by saying, “You presided over a period of time that turned out to be in many ways one of the most positive periods ever in the lives of gay americans.
“I can’t believe that the future President of the United States said the word “gay” in the first three-minutes of his victory speech, said the Glee star Jonathan Groff  “And that was just the tip of the iceberg.”
“For changing the way people thought about us. Umm and honestly, the way I thought about myself,” said Evan Rachel Wood.
Every star thanks Obama and some shared their personal experiences or opinions on the world.
Like when Macklemore spoke, he said, “For fighting for a world where I can raise my daughter to love whoever she wants to love.”
And Lance Bass reminds us that Obama, created National HIV/AIDS strategy… the that originated in 20101 and was updated in 2015 as a five-year plan until 2020.
Bass later says, “I wouldn’t have gotten married two years ago if it wasn’t for you.”
And we know Laverne Cox the Netflix show, “Orange is the new Black” as a transgender prisoner in a all women’s prison.
Lavene Cox says to Obama, “You were the first President that even uttered the word Transgender and I hope you will not be the last.”