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first class action lawsuit was filed by celebrity attorney, Mark Geragos back in September 2016, claiming that the cosmetic company, L’Oreal’s product called, “SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Amla Legend No-Mix, No-Lye Relaxer” was burning their scalps and that their hair was coming off in clumps.
According to TMZ, the hair relaxer kit is the cause of a few women, two from California and one from Illinois, to have scalp burning and hair falling out after using the Perm product.

Despite the cosmetic company is claiming that their packaging “warns” their consumers about the danger their relaxer product and along with all of the celebrity endorsements and the Amla Oil that the product said it contained, the product still caused these women and more to lose their hair.
The packaging for the AMLA relaxer also promises that it gives “refills to reveal visibly fuller, silkier hair.” It also says that it will “intensely nourish and condition while protecting the scalp and the skin. And it says that it’s the fastest relaxer that works within 13 to 15 minutes.
The lawyers, Ben Meiselas and Mark Geragos don’t just want to sue for 5 Million Dollars, they want L’Oreal to remove the product from the shelves and to recall the product permanently.
On, the reviews are mixed. One lady’s review says:

“I am completely bad on the front portion of my head.”

“My 26-year-old daughter is upstairs crying her eyes out because her hair is gone.”

Attention to all of my relaxer using friends & followers – L’Oreal is facing a lawsuit for the Optimum Amla relaxer 

Another review says:

“My hair has shed by the handfuls after using AMLA perm. Anyone know how I can restore my hair? I’m using organic coconut oil now.”

The response to her post was:

“Trying taking some Nature Bounty Vitamin for Hair Nails Skin. The vitamin Biotin is helpful to regrowth of hair. Also try Dark and Lovely Serum for hair. It really helps to soften hair. Good luck. I was devastated for 3 months. I suggest when you are ready for a new perm, try Dark and Lovely. I used the one for color treated hair. My hair felt like hay after the AMLA perm.”

L’oread hasn’t responded to any of the claims against them and they haven’t commented on the suggestion to recall the product.



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