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Chocolate chip cookies...

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Meet Collette Divitto, she is a Boston native, who at 26-years old, has started a cookie company from the inside of her own home.
Collette was born Down Syndrome and has had to overcome a few hurdles in life when it came down to finding work.

When Collette would look for employment, she would get a subtle run around when she was told that she “wasn’t the right fit.”
And now we are back with Collette and her own cookie baking business called, “Colletteys” and she’s selling her signature cookie, chocolate chip cookies, dipped in cinnamon.
It’s a cookie that she perfected years ago and it’s not something you can find online… it’s a secret recipe.
Colette tells CBS Boston reports that since she was profiled on Boston’s local WBZ, she’s received over 25,000 cookie orders from around the country.
“I haven’t slept at all,” Colette joked. “I am really amazed at the support my company and my cookies.”
Collette’s mom, Rosemary Alfredo said. “She’s never accepted her disability. She’s kind of stepped into this role of trying to inspire and motivate other people.”
And the first shop to sell Collette’s cookies is a store called, Golden Goose Market and it’s around the corner in Boston’s North End.
The owner Stephen DeAngelis said, “You know we just kind of fell in lover with her. We get great feedback. First of all, we have to chase the employees away because they want to eat them!”
Colletteys is currently taking online delivery orders from all over. The manager Jesse Powers said that they’ve been getting calls from Florida and California from people who want to place orders.
“It’s all about her at this point,” Powers said. “It’s not about the Golden Goose. It’s about helping Collette grow her business and her dreams.”