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Tracy Kiss, 29-year old woman from England tells us how she drinks semen for health benefits. Tracy has her friend donate his semen to her on a regular basis and she uses it as a facial cream or drink.
“I’d been feeling run down and had no energy, but now I’m full of beans and my mood has improved,” Tracy says about her smoothie that she makes.
Tracy said, “It can taste really good- depending on what my friend has been eating. My other mates think I’m strange, but I don’t give a toss.”
And her friend, he’s obviously single… he’s a 31-year old smoke and drug free man and Tracy made sure that her friend was tested for any STD before she drank his sperm.
Tracy says, “When I first approached him, he was concerned I’d use it to impregnate myself. But once I’d convince him it was for my beauty regime he agreed- after all, he has a regular supply at hand!”
Tracy is a vegan and she’s also a personal trainer and a qualified nutritional adviser too. When Tracy makes a smoothie, she added fruits, seeds, coconut or almond milk and a spoon full of semen, but she’s also said that she’ll drink it straight up too.
“Every batch tastes different, depending on what he’s been eating,” she said. “If he’s been drinking alcohol or eaten something particularly pungent like asparagus, I ask him to give me a heads up so I know not to drink it neat.”
She also said, “Things like pineapple and peppermint make it taste better, but I’ll happily take it straight off a spoon usually.”
Also, she tells us her opinion about it with, “Sperm is an awesome product and we should stop being so ridiculous about it- the health benefits have been well researched and more women and men should take advantage of it particularly as it made by our own bodies and doesn’t contain e-numbers and chemicals.”
For her sperm facial, Tracy says that she simply mixes it with egg whites and lavender oil and leaves it on her face for 15 minutes for three times a week.
The question is, have you done this before or would you ever try it?

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